We pimp up the job chances for 3D game artists.
You get the ability to present yourself online and in realtime 3D.
Hi, hi creatives,
I'm Jens. And I want that everyone on every level gets the ability to develop their own games ... that everyone can learn and master the seven points of creating a game:
  1. Getting a concept for a game
  2. Designing your game
  3. Gathering resources
  4. Managing the development team
  5. Testing Testing Testing
  6. Releasing a game
  7. Building up a community

On that big vision currently I focus on the first step - Artipy. It belongs to point number 3 - Gathering Resources.

But ... What IS Aritpy? And what is your benefit?

My simple motivation is to get better games, with much deeper gameplay than Call of Duty. I love 3D and I'm amazed by what you guys can create with Maya, Blender, 3D Studio Max or all the other tools.

I am a graphics 3D programmer and I want that you get better job chances as 3D artists. I think the latest 3D web tech will help you with that.

I explain Aritpy to you by the lifetime of an application mail.

Some facts about me:

I was working at Crytek on Crysis 2 and GFace. On Crysis I was responsible for the stereoscopic 3D gameplay part. For GFace I specialized in realtime 3D online graphics (WebGL).

Currently I'm working as guest professor coaching game students.

I will use all my knowlege I got from Crytek and my students to pimp up your job chances.

A small story about an application mail

The Dream

Imagine: one night your sitting at home and want to apply at a your beloved games company. To get your dream job. You prepare your CV, pack all screenshots together and ... you send an application mail.

So, the mail is send but what happens now?

The HR office - First Impression

The mail enters the inbox of the HR office. Here the first impression of your mail is crucial. The head of HR will have a very quick look. Thats the first step. From my own experience this first decission is made within seconds. If your mail looks like crap it lands in the trash ... withing seconds. Here Artipy offers you a readable structured layout and you get the safety of a professional first impression. It also gives your game company the safety of making a fast but reliable decission.

The HR office - The Details

Now your mail enters the second stage. A more specialised HR employee will check your eMail.
  • Is formally everything correct?
  • Is there a portfolio attched?
  • Is their a postal address?
  • your cv
  • a cover letter
  • your summary
  • your eMail adress
  • a picture ... or maybe not ...
  • and so on and so on
As I was checking the application of my students, 40% of them forgot at least one of the upper points. Imagine, in the second stage alone, you can be 40% better than other applicants. Artipy offers a standart template. (This can be adapted by the games company. Different companies have different requirements.) Artipy's web form makes sure that you enter all the neccessary informations making you better than the average.

The Art Director

Now, at stage three your mail is send to the Art Director. Here Artipy's 3D technology comes into play. A complete check of your artistic skills is made.

Your portfolio is checked piece by piece:

  • Are you character designer, prop artist, evironment artist,
  • rather modeller than rigger
  • Are you able to model organics or abstract art
  • Do you prefere science or fiction or fantasy or urban
  • And so on ans so on.
Lets sum it up, basically the Art Director checks if you are an artistic fit to the current team. A decission on that level can take from 15 minutes till two hours. My average is about 45 minutes per applicant.

To make the decission for the Art Director easier with Artipy you get the latest Web 3D technologies like WebGL (OpenGL in a browser) and Stage3D (Adobe Flash's 3D API). In the future it is also planned to support our own 3D plugins. Or goal is, that you open your browser and instantly can see your model in 3D. You can zoom, rotate, have a look at details, translate the model and move the camera.

For the Art Director, using Artipy enables to pick the job canditate that fits best into his team.

And for giving him a little side kick, you even can put your model into your own homepage. Artipy takes care of everyting.

The Technical Artist

.. and Artipy gives you even more. Usally after the artistic decission in the fourth step, your application is send to a Technical Artist. He will check if you are able to make 3D models that are properly laid out to work in a games engine. For him things like
  • trianle count
  • mesh structure
  • UV and diffuse map layout
  • Normal mapping
  • or mesh topology
are important.

For realtime rendering high performance is crucial. From my experience with a good sturctured model at the same time you can decrease the triangle count but significantly increase the visual quality.

Artipy teaches you guidelines that help you to create high performance models. If you present such a model to a technical artist he will be assured that you are even technically the right artist for the job.

The Future

Now the chances for you are very heigh to get your dream job at your dream company.

That makes you happy, that makes your company happy ... and that makes ME happy since I'll get a better game. *smile*

Artipy is the first move towards my vision giving everyone the ability to develop their own games.

Please help me make that vision come true:
If you love games and have a friend who wants to enter the games industry please tell him about Artipy.